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为 什 么 我 们 成 立纵 横 教 育 ?

Frequently Asked Questions 

❐ Is there any homework after class?

​Yes, all courses will be assigned homework. Students are kindly requested to check and submit their work on Google Classroom.  Instructors will share the Classroom Code with classmates in the first class.


❐ How many students are there in each class?

​We will control the number of students in each class to be 4-9.

❐ Do you have your own textbooks for the class or use the textbooks specified by Ontario?

It depends. The school curriculum mainly uses the textbooks designated by Ontario, but the instructors will prepare their own lecture notes. The knowledge will be deeper and wider than the school curriculum. For other courses, we will make our own courseware and design them according to the scope and requirements of the course.

❐ Is tuition fee tax-deductible?

Yes, tuition fees for summer camps and winter camps can be used to offset tax.

❐ What are the payment methods for tuition fees?

For now, the payment methods we accept, Cheque, Cash, and Email Transfer.

❐ Is there a parking lot near the school?

Yes, there is a lot of free parking outside of school.


❐ About the Registration and Tuition

  • The deadline for registration course is two weeks before the start of school.

  • Tuition fees need to be paid at the time of registration. We accept cash payment, email transfer, and cheque.  

  • The registration will be invalid If the tuition fee is not paid before the registration deadline.

  • After starting class, students have the right to withdraw course due to personal reasons. The remaining tuition fees as vouchers and postpone to other courses.


❐ About the Cancel Classes 

• If the school cancels a course prior to the first class (due to an insufficient number of students, etc.), the tuition fee will be fully refunded.
• For courses cancelled due to emergencies, bad weather or other irresistible factors (including changes in the teacher's timetable), the school will arrange a compensation class or a corresponding refund.
• Under extreme weather conditions during which the school bus service is interrupted in most areas, the school will be closed. We will send a notice via email in this case.

Emergency Contact

  • Please make sure that the email and phone number you leave is valid​

  • The phone must be connected between half an hour before get out of class and half an hour after class

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